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About the Art

Surfing as an art form has had a profound effect on my approach to art on canvas, wood, paper or board. I have been able to identify hundreds of surfer by their style, not their maneuvers. They can surf the same perfect wave, on the same day, in identical conditions, and I know who is who.

As an artist, I am attempting to emulate my surfing experiences. First I want to show my repetoire in a manner that is uniquely my own. My subject matter is from my own experience and my own perspective. I have seen so many artists statements from surf artists that describe how they want to translate the idyllic imagery of what surfing means to them in a timeless manner. The truth is, surfing is one percent joy and 99 percent hard work, just like art, just like your life. I have had great joy surfing in some of the most miserable
conditions you can imagine. That is the struggle.
My art will tell you some of those stories.

If I can create a series of stories through my works that show the joy, the struggle and the perspective that my experiences have given me, I will consider myself a good artist. My goal is to create top-quality works in my own style that show images I can tell you stories about. That is the greatest part of the surf culture, not the perfect waves or rides but the stories of the people who love to surf.

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